Information Systems Security and Privacy
As technologies continue to usher new developments and changes for the world, organizations and individuals are increasingly dependent on information technologies for critical decision making. Newly emerged IT artifacts, such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous connectivity, blockchain, and virtual reality, to name a few, have substantially improved efficiency and effectiveness of human decision-making. Notwithstanding the technological advances, information security and privacy takes on ever increasing importance because organizations are faced with threats stemming from both internal and external attacks. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for IS researchers to further investigate the pressing issues existing in the paradigm of new technologies vis-à-vis security and privacy protection.


This track provides a forum for IS researchers to share and disseminate insights about information systems security and privacy. In essence, we are interested in understanding how organizations or individuals can harden and safeguard their information assets in the emerging IT environment. What are the dark sides of mis-practicing information technologies? How can organizational employees can play a role in protecting information properties? What are the proper strategies for organizations to tackle their information and security issues?

This track solicits research submissions about information systems security and privacy using scientific theories and/or methods as well as research contexts that can advance our understanding in the IS community. Submissions that focus on the interplay of technical, behavioral, economic and/or organizational perspectives on information security and privacy are especially welcome. Submitted research can be analytical, design-oriented or empirical in nature.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Computer crimes
Cross-cultural aspects of security and privacy
Cyber security
Design of security and privacy countermeasures
Development of security and privacy artifacts
Dark sides of information systems security
Dark web
Employee deviant behaviors in organizations
Emerging trends of information systems security and privacy
Ethical issues of IT misuse
Governance of security and privacy
Individual behaviors in security and privacy settings
Insider threats
Risk management and analysis
Security and privacy issues in new IT environment
Security and terrorism analytics
Strategies of IS security and privacy
Trust in security and privacy


Track Co-Chairs:
1. Dr. Michael Chau, University of Hong Kong, China,
2. Dr. Carol Hsu, Tongji University, China,
3. Dr. Xin (Robert) Luo, University of New Mexico, USA,


Track AEs:
1. Yoris Au, University of Texas at San Antonio
2. Zhuolan Bao, University of Hong Kong
3. Rui Chen, Iowa State University
4. Robert Crossler, Washington State University
5. John D'Arcy, University of Delaware
6. Yulin Fang, City University of Hong Kong
7. Matthew Hashim, University of Arizona
8. Jack Hsu, Sun Yat-Sen University
9. Kumar Mehta, George Mason University
10. Nirup Menon, George Mason University
11. Fujun Lai, Soochow University
12. Han Li, University of New Mexico
13. Huigang Liang, East Carolina University
14. Jiabao Lin, Southern China University of Agriculture
15. Chuan Luo, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
16. Allen Johnston, University of Alabama
17. Clay Posey, University of Central Florida
18. Jordan Shropshire, University of South Alabama
19. Mincong Tang, Beijing Jiaotong University
20. Alan Wang, Virginia Tech
21. Jingguo Wang, University of Texas at Arlington
22. Robert Willison, Newcastle University
23. Andy Wu, University of North Texas
24. Heng Xu, Penn State University
25. Feng Xu, Xi'an Jiaotong University
26. Lisa Yeo, Loyola University Maryland
27. Jie Zhang, Midwestern State University
28. Xia Zhao, University of North Carolina – Greensboro