E-Business and E-Government
With the continued expansion of electronic business, we are witnessing a variety of digitally driven businesses that are transforming not only the economy, but also transforming the way customers purchase and live their life. The increase in competition has also led to the emergence and enhancement of seller opportunism in its digital avatar, thus making it mandatory for online markets as well as social media to redefine their business and boundaries of interaction. On the one hand there is an emergence of new business model and on the other there is this menace of fake that is challenging online firms and forcing them to redefine their businesses. Since technology is a double edge sword, it is worthwhile to look at both the aspects of technology enabled e-businesses. Digital technology has also enabled government to participate and invite citizens to participate online and increase their say in shaping and reshaping of public policies and methods of governance. This track invites researchers to submit their works in the challenging areas of e-business as well as e-government. The use of novel research methods that use data analytics is encourages.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Auctions and interactive pricing
Artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics-induced business and government transformation
Big data analytics in e-business and e-government
Digital entrepreneurship in e-business and e-commerce and e-policy entrepreneurs in government
Digital infrastructure in e-business, e-commerce and e-government
E-business, and e-government in emerging economies
E-government policies and strategies
E-government, institutional and social transformations
FinTech (Financial Technology) in e-business
ICT enable co-production in the public and private sector
IOT (Internet of Things) in e-business and e-government
IT strategy and risks in managing e-business and e-government
Mobile commerce, mobile marketing and location-based services
New business models in e-business, mobile and service innovation
Online Radicalisation and misuse of social media
Policy, trading and social media platforms
Public sector ICT enable reforms (e-justice, e-procurement; e-petitioning, etc.)
Smart-cities and smart-government
Seller Opportunism in e-business and e-commerce
Social media, participation, reputation and social commerce
Social, economic, psychological, cultural, political, and legal analysis of e- business and e-government
Sustainable e-business practices and strategies


Track Co-Chairs:
1. Dr. Sumeet Gupta, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Raipur, India
2. Dr. Yang Xue, Associate Professor, Nanjing University, China
3. Dr. Ling Zhao, Associate Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China