Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Data analytics and techniques of artificial intelligence have applied to diverse business or decision problems to extract business insights from data in a variety of forms. They create value for businesses, organizations and individuals by helping them make better and smarter decisions. Many consumer products with smart features such as voice recognition and environmental control have been introduced and penetrated human life gradually. In addition, business applications of data analytics and techniques of artificial intelligence such as automated chatbots and robo-advisors come into existence in diverse industries. The usage of these smart products and data analytics driven products left digital footprint in various forms and we have an opportunity to understand changes of human behaviour due to introduction of the techniques and feedback to the methods and techniques for perfecting their model. We need to understand how to represent, model, evaluate, and optimize data for creating and sustaining value.


For this track, we invite paper submissions that investigate business applications and impacts of A.I techniques, and propose novel data analytics methods or applications. We welcome papers that address important business or decision problems with novel data analytics methods in a wide range of contexts, including marketing, healthcare, social network and media, financial services.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Data and text mining for business analytics
Business applications of A.I techniques
Influences of A.I on human behavior
Healthcare analytics
Web mining and social network analysis
Computational social science
Text analysis for consumer research
Network analysis for open source software development
Best practices in data analytics
Methodologies and processes for data analytics and A.I techniques


Track Co-Chairs:
1. Dr. Hong Joo Lee,, Catholic University of Korea
2. Dr. Habin Lee,, Brunel University London


Track AEs:
1. Jaewon Choi, Soonchunghyang University
2. Youngseok Choi, Brunel University London
3. Jinghua Huang, Tsinghua University
4. Jongwoo Kim, Hanyang University
5. Ohbyung Kwon, Kyunghee University
6. Sang-Yong Tom Lee, Hanyang University
7. Hongyan Liu, Tsinghua University
8. Hyungjong Na, SungKyunKwan University
9. Hyelim Oh, National University of Singapore
10. Hyunjung Park, Ewha Womans University
11. Sankar Sivarajah, University of Bradford