Transforming Society with Digital Innovation
Within the past decades, digital innovations have dramatically transformed the world of business and the society. The Internet as we know it today, smartphones, social media, digital platforms and other digital technologies have changed our lives in many ways. This includes how we work, learn, transport, socialize, protest, communicate, and date. Likewise, digital technologies are infused into virtually every single routine of modern organizations, including commercial firms, governmental agencies, public institutions, social enterprises, and not-for-profits.


The track welcomes submissions that investigate the impacts of digital innovations on changing economic and social aspects of life. The track is open to all methodological approaches and perspectives. We are interested in empirical and theoretical work that addresses these and related socio-technical issues.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Digital Transformations
Digital platforms and markets
Societal consequences of digital technologies
Digital activism and social media
Changing nature of work and life in digital economies
Digitization, unemployment and deskilling, especially in knowledge work
Digital strategies and performance implications
Entrepreneurship and New Business models enabled by digitization
Crowdsourcing and the sharing economy
Digitization and co-creation of value
Productivity and performance effects of digital technologies
Governance of Digital resources
Executing and implementing digital strategies
The economics of digital goods
Digitization of economies, industries, societies, and culture
Emerging technologies and innovations such as cloud computing, business, data analytics, and machine learning
Digitization, human capital, and the transformation of labor markets
Digital skills, digital intelligence, and impacts at individual, firm, and societal level
The dark side of digital technologies


Track Co-Chairs:
Saeed Akhlaghpour, University of Queensland, Australia (
Yasser Rahrovani, Ivey Business School, Canada (