Design Science
In the global and digital economy, advancement of information systems and technologies has become one of the most important catalysts for the evolution of our society, which in turn drives IT innovations. The focus of design science research (DSR) is to extend the boundaries and capabilities of individuals and organisations by designing, building and evaluating new and innovative constructs, models, methods, processes, and systems, by finding solutions for existing practical problems. DSR has had significant achievements in recent years, ranging from innovating algorithms to architectures and from business processes to systems development processes, most often involving exponential technologies. Such technologies include big data and associated analytics, data mining and machine learning, Internet of things (IoT) and block chain etc.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Big Data Modeling
Big Data for Industries
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
Deep Learning
Intelligent Systems
Computational Intelligence
Internet of Things
Block Chain


To address problems in the domains such as service science, cyber security, healthcare, business, governance, and developing countries.
Papers submitted can describe the design of the artefact; explain its significance to research (the innovativeness of the artefact); explain its significance to practice (the usefulness of the artefact); describe what evaluations were done, how, and why; with concise description (and demonstration if possible) of the artefact designed and built.


Track Co-Chairs:
1. Dr. Ou Liu, Xi'an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, Suzhou, China,
2. Dr. Ami Peiris, 
Business School, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand,

3. Dr. Carol Ou, Tilberg University, Tilberg, Netherlands,